Elite Master Stylist

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Ashley brings FUNK, STYLE and CLASS to every haircut she creates! Ash is a youthful trendsetter who loves to create unique cuts and styles. She shuns the cookie cutter approach for a customized style that brings out the best in every client that sits in her chair.

Ashley graduated from Valentino’s Academy in 2009. She constantly is updating her skills through Vidal Sassoon and KMS training.  


Some of Ashley’s specialties include fine hair, fades, funky/textured cuts, and Quikkies Tape-in Extensions.

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Elite Master Stylist

Melissa loves interacting with her clients and the creative and fashion-related elements of her work. She has been in the hair industry for over 10 years! Her technique and talent with curly & wavy hair is a great asset to our team. Melissa particularly excels at cutting and styling curly and/or fine hair. The best part about her career, according to Melissa, is the way she can be creative in a different way with each of her clients.

Melissa says her artistic flair is what drew her to hair-styling in the first place. “I’ve always been creative but I can’t draw or paint so doing hair has been my outlet.” 


Master Stylist

Gabby will only working be select dates as a Guest Artist.

From a very young age Gabby has had a passion for hair. Gabby started her career at Valentino’s in 2011.

Gabby is an artist in every sense of the word; uncovering beauty that some were unaware they even had.  She has a knack for hair and makeup.  She loves edgy, creative cuts. Gabby can create a modern style for any hair length. 


Gabby is not currently accepting new clients.

Meagan - On Maternity Leave

Master Stylist

Meagan graduated from Valentino’s Academy in 2010. Her style implies an effortless, simplistic cool for each individual client. Young and energetic Meagan brings a fresh, creative perspective to the table.  She enjoys doing modern, edgy, creative cuts for any length and texture of hair. Meagan loves to come up with new ideas for her clients.

Some of Meagan’s specialties include: Updos/Special Occasion Hair, Fine Hair, Men’s Cuts & Reshade, Tape-in Extensions.


Master Stylist

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Tasha starting at Valentino’s as a co-op student in high school. She quickly realized that my heart belonged to hairdressing. “I get inspired by all of the people around me, they all have something special that I can learn from.” 


Tasha’s specialty lies with clients who have thick and curly hair- like hers. She is comfortable working with all ethnic hair types. She loves taking unruly hair and making it manageable – she excels at round brush blow dries. She also loves fun and spunky haircuts, and classic cuts.


Master Stylist

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Sara successfully completed Valentino’s Academy Program in 2014. Sara loves working with longer lengths and styles, everything from natural to trendy. Sara is great at creating volume and body, and loves doing curls! Her goal is to customize a look that accommodates your lifestyle that is fresh and easy to maintain.

“I love styling your hair and leaving you feeling like you could spend a night out on the town!”

Some of Sara’s specialties include: Round Brush Blow Dries, Fine Hair, Updos/Special Occasion Hair.


Senior Dualist

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Angela  had been working downtown Toronto for more than 10 years before joining the Valentino's Team. She loves seeing her clients from start to finish, specializing in both colour and cutting/ styling services.

Angela loves meeting new people and making her clients feel amazing!

Some of Angela's specialties include: Barbering, Medium to Long Haircuts, Thick Hair 


Senior Stylist

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Elise graduated from Fiorio Beauty Academy in 2009. Since then, Elise has been working downtown Toronto, mastering her cutting and styling skills. Elise joined our team in 2020 and we are so excited to have her on our team! Elise is wonderful at connecting with people and creating the perfect #hairinspo look for her guests. 

Some of Elise's specialties include: Short Hair, Pixies, Bobs, Thick Hair, Long Hair, Conservative Looks


Senior Stylist

Liz is a fantastic stylist who loves working with each client to find the perfect style for their hair. Liz works part time at Valentino’s to have time with her 2 beautiful boys. Her ability and talent to create different looks that reflect the clients personality make her an excellent hair stylist. Her modern twist to a classy style gives her a wide variety of options for you to work with. Liz loves the finished product, and always has.


“I’ve always loved trying new things with my own hair and trying things out on my friends. I love helping people feel beautiful,” she says. 

Kayla - On Maternity Leave

Senior Stylist

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Kayla has been in the hair industry since she was 18, starting off right here at Valentino's as a receptionist and then training in our academy!
For the last 6 years, Kayla has been working downtown Toronto, training under prestigious schools including Vidal Sassoon and Toni and Guy fine tuning her skills.

Kayla has an infectious passion for styling and for providing clients with the best possible look to suit them. Her bright and bubbly personality ensures clients are comfortable and relaxed while delivering a superlative salon experience to every individual that sits in her chair.


Senior Stylist

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Becca works with all types of clients and provides cuts for men, women, and children!  She has a great rapport with all of her clients and especially works well with children. She is a great listener and always strives for excellence. Becca believes in educating her clients about how to take care of their hair when at home. She teaches clients how to style their hair and which products will works best for their needs. Becca’s goal is to over deliver when it comes to her client’s expectations.

Book an appointment with Becca and you will leave with a fabulous hair cut and all the education you need to keep it that way! 


Senior Stylist

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Tiffany likes to create a wide variety of styles. From classic, simple cuts to high-fashion trendy styles. Her imagination never runs out! She has ideas for different looks at any length. She love working with women’s hair and working with their personality to match their style.

 “It’s all about reflecting your personality and style – from your clothes to your hair.”

Tiffany is very strong working with ethnic hair; she works with all different types and nationalities of hair. She loves thick, course, curly hair. Tiffany is able to teach you how to manage and work with it at home.


Studio Dualist

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Julie has over 8 years experience in the hair industry doing both colour and styling. She brings passion to everything she does in her life, especially hair!

From Balayage to Fashion Shades, from the Classic Bob to a Fashion Forward look Julie’s charisma, creativity and dynamic approach will surely leave you with some hair love!


Studio Stylist

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Robyn graduated from the Valentino’s Hairstyling Academy in 2016.  She loves creating looks that are easy to maintain. Robyn will always offer to show you how she creates your finished style so that you can recreate the look at home.


She enjoys working with long hair, bobs, men’s cuts, making hair feel full and shiny. Robyn loves to learn new techniques and continues to grow her skills.


Studio Stylist

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Rae graduated from the Valentino’s Hairstyling Academy in 2017, and graduated from the Valentino’s Advanced Academy in 2018. She has attended the Tony & Guy Classic course, and the TIGI Classic Cutters course both in NYC, and she also completed the Master Stylist course here in Toronto.


Rae loves working with thick and textured hair to make it manageable but also loves cutting shoulder length bobs, men’s cuts, round brush blowouts, giving volume, and beach waves. She provides both the Kerasilk Smoothing and De-Frizz service, in order to achieve maximum manageability.


Junior Stylist

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Chloe graduated from Marca College of Hairdressing in 2019, and is currently enrolled in the Valentino’s Advanced Academy.

Chloe’s specialty is beautiful blowouts and “Chloe Curls.” She loves working with long and medium length hair, especially the long bob. Chloe loves doing hair because she gets to make people feel amazing every day!


Junior Stylist

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Ella graduated from the Valentino’s Academy in 2019, and is currently enrolled in the Valentino’s Advanced Academy. 

Ella loves working with long hair, always finishing off with a beautiful blowout or beach wave, and she also enjoys men’s cuts, curly cuts. Ella provides thorough consultations in order to achieve your desired style and haircut and wants to make sure that every client that sits down in her chair leaves with a smile on their face!


Junior Stylist

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Maddie started off as a co-op student at Valentino's in high school and graduated from hair school in 2019. She is currently fine tuning her skills in the Valentino’s Advanced Academy as well as attending prestigious training courses including Tony & Guy Academy in New York.

Maddie loves working with medium to long hair, giving a thorough consultation and educating her clients on how to achieve the perfect salon look at home!


New Talent Dualist

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Maryam has over 3 years experience in both colouring and cutting/ styling. 

Maryam specializes in balayage, highlights, long hair and updos but loves having variety in her day.

She loves seeing her clients transformation from start to finish, there's nothing better than a good makeover!


New Talent Stylist

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Wilson graduated from Career School of Hairdressing in 2019, and is currently enrolled in the Valentino’s Advanced Academy.

Wilson is a men's specialist, but also loves doing beautiful blowouts and waves on long hair, bobs, and braids! She loves making people feel amazing.



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